Modernizing A Historical City

Introducing an up-to-date shared office space to Tomball. A dynamic mix of traditional
and flexible office spaces where your business and team can thrive.


Getting more for less. Traditional offices make amenities conditional, but we want all of our tenants to have the same playing field.
That’s why all our amenities are available to you no matter how much space you rent.
That means you’ll get all of these at no extra cost:

Free Coffee

Fiber-optic internet

Free parking

24/7 building access

Unlimited conference room bookings

Mother’s room

Our Mission

Building on what makes Tomball great.

Small businesses make Tomball what it is today. This exemplifies the passion, determination, hard work that is pervasive in the city. Seeing those traits is what inspires us to do more for the people of Tomball. We want to give more opportunities to the city’s creatives to build what they love. That’s why our pricing is transparent, flexible, and most importantly, affordable.

What We Offer

Team suites are changing the landscape of business. Flexible workspaces and inclusive amenities help stimulate creativity to encourage innovation. Being around passionate creators and entrepreneurs creates an energy that is palpable for your team and those around you. The collaborative energy is present even if you’re single person business. A space like The Field is lush ground for blossoming  networking opportunities and business partnerships. Tomball’s tight knit culture and flourishing businesses are an ideal starting point to kindle this energy.


In the heart of Tomball – Just down the road from the
Tomball Town Center, you’ll be working in the midst of
Tomball’s commercial district. The commercial hub of
Tomball is truly the heart of the city. Traffic feeds
through it and filters throughout the town. “You have
the authenticity of Main Street and the central hub of
Business 249. It’s the best of both worlds.”

Bank of America building Tomball TX